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Can we change the world by changing the story of our relationship to landscapes?

Tackling the big themes : Presentation and Interview with Shane Ward for the Future Whenua Summit 2022

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In this fascinating discussion, Action Ecology Founder Shane Ward is interviewed by Zeb Horrell from Future Whenua (as a follow on from the short video presentation Shane gave at the Future Whenua Summit), leading to an expansive dialogue that hits right to the core of the most urgent topics and important ideas. This chat zooms right out to understand not only what the major challenges of our times are - but where we need to focus our attention to do something meaningful about them.

Covering ideas such as: how land use patterns are core to both our survival and our future on this planet, the role of farming in society, our connection to nature, the tension between ecology and economy and how the stories we tell about ourselves, our landscape and the natural world may be the key to unlocking radical change. All of that (and more) makes for a really thought-provoking discussion. Take a look and hopefully you'll find it interesting.

The first few minutes is an introduction and preface by Zeb and Rob as part of their 'Future Whenua Yarns' series, which leads into the short presentation screened at the 2022 Future Whenua Summit before moving into the main course of Shane & Zebs discussion.

This interview was part of the
2022 Future Whenua Summit which took place at Mangarara Station in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in March 2022.
You can find out more about the Future Whenua initiative on their website:

July 2022