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Live Webinar Recording: "Can we define Regenerative Agriculture?"

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This is the recording of a live webinar / discussion thing hosted by Dan Regtien and Jono Frew from the Living Systems platform (livingsystems.nz) where we tackle questions and discuss topics such as:
Can we define regenerative agriculture?, Should we define it?. What are the challenges of communicating it? What are the barriers to adopting it within our current context? How can we help people engage with it? ..and so on.

(Spoiler alert) ..I make the case that we absolutely CAN and MUST define it, and explain my reasoning as to why.

The definition I refer to in the recording for Regenerative Agriculture that I've developed and currently use is as follows:
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We had a great crop of people and a lively conversation about some of the hottest topics in Regenerative Agriculture at the moment.
Have a look and feel free to comment!