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Permaculture, design, mapping and living ecosystems

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"Making Permaculture Stronger" - some reflections on design, feedback, planning, chaos & control

Whenever I get a spare second, I enjoy checking in on Dan Palmer's excellent podcast "Making Permaculture Stronger".
Recently I came across a couple of posts he uploaded which I really enjoyed and which got me thinking inspired me to email Dan with my thoughts (in the hope that they may be of interest).

As he is such a friendly, engaged and generous guy he asked if I would mind him making our correspondence public for others to benefit from (which I thought was a great idea), so I agreed.

You can read the post on his podcast / blog here: https://makingpermaculturestronger.net/shane-ward-reflections/

You may want to listen to the original podcast episodes these thoughts refer to all well to provide context.
Hope you enjoy.