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Radio / Podcast interview on : "The Lentil Intervention"

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This is my interview on the Lentil Intervention podcast / radio show, which took place in October 2020.

We cover a fair bit of ground, discussing regenerative land use systems, how we're all 'energy trust fund babies' and how natural systems function - highlighting the importance of living soil, water and understanding the ecological context you're in.

You can check it out on their website, hit play below, or you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts

Show notes / Description:

"Shane Ward is founder of Action Ecology, a consultancy offering a range of services that improve land productivity, resource efficiency, resilience and ecological function. Shane is passionate about the benefits of regenerative agriculture and the opportunities it provides for carbon drawdown, presenting regularly on the subject. He serves as Better Futures Forum’s expert on regenerative land use, sustainable food systems and ecosystem restoration.

In this episode we discuss:
• Shane’s background and interest in ecology
• How Action Ecology came to be and the services provided
• Current problems with intensive farming and consequent effects on the environment and long-term sustainability of our food supply
• Regenerative agriculture; what it means, the importance of soil and some of the common approaches
• The importance of considering the unique natural environment when designing a sustainable farm
• The role of animals, holistic grazing and the need to transition towards more plant-centred diets
• The new Netflix documentary
Kiss The Ground
• Actionable changes for the home gardener/hobby farmer to improve the sustainability of their ventures."