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Radio / Podcast interview on : "The Regenerative Hour" (2nd time)

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My second appearance and interview on the radio show and podcast "The Regenerative Hour" produced by Mik Aidt from the Centre for Climate Safety - discussing a range of topics covering the complex nature of our global problems, the systems thinking needed to grapple with them, the COVID19 pandemic and what it shows us about our capacity to change, what the mindset that underpins regenerative agriculture reveals about our approach to the world, and what kinds of action we can take as individuals if we really want to make a difference.

You can listen to the interview on the podcast web site here: https://climatesafety.info/theregenerativehour21/

Or you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts


"Can we turn the 2020s into ‘The Regenerative Decade’? In this series of interviews about what that would imply, we talk ecology, deep adaptation, grief, compassion and passion, connecting with nature, resilience, revitalisation, restoration, revolution… – the bigger picture, in other words.

Guest in our 21st episode is Shane Ward, a regenerative land use and soil health advisor, founder of Action Ecology, and an
Earth Protector trustee as well as a registered Conscientious Protector.

Inspired by recent developments and his work with
Better Futures Forum, a new platform where New Zealanders facilitate the transition towards a more resilient Aotearoa, Shane talks about community engagement and a refreshed revival of local democracy coming out of the corona crisis. We need to get better at managing complexity and to get better connected in order to gain resilience, he says."

“We must not let the process of discussing and planning how our approach to a global food system that can operate within planetary boundaries be captured in back room meetings by corporate interests looking to maintain a profiteering monopoly through continuing their industrial, extractive approach to agriculture. That path leads us to collapse.”
~ Shane Ward

Shane was also recently interviewed on the 'How to Save the World podcast', discussing the Better Futures Forum and Regenerative Agriculture."