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Radio / Podcast interview on : "Where Ideas Launch"

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Have a listen to this short interview I did with Katherine Ann Byam on the "Where Ideas Launch" show - 'the podcast for the sustainable innovator', which took place in March 2021. It's arguably one of my best.

We cover a good range of topics with a focus on how we can secure the future of our food supply using natural systems as a guide.

You can check it out on the Where Ideas Launch website, hit play below, or you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts

Show notes / Description:

"Shane Ward is a regenerative land use advisor, communicator and the founder of Action Ecology.

Shane brings an international perspective, scientific rigour and pragmatic approach to connecting people with the right knowledge, drawn from both innovative ‘on-the-ground’ practitioners and the latest research.

Passionate about sustainable food systems, ecosystem restoration, as well as plant, soil & microbial ecology, Shane also works more broadly to engage people with visioning a better way forwards for humanity’s approach to energy, economy and agriculture - re-partnering with natural systems - so we might provide a chance for future generations to thrive on this planet.."