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We offer a suite of completely bespoke services covering assessment through to design and ongoing advisory - and everything in between. Fully customised to suit each client's needs, goals, timescale and budget. We operate as a one-stop-shop consultancy who are able to supplement our own expertise with specialists in a wide range of fields to accommodate projects of any scope or budget.
Our Ecosystem of Services
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This diagram illustrates how our four main services align and integrate with one another.
An ecosystem of services to help people restore their landscape ecosystem services.
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Agroecological productive landscape design and farm planning that’s informed by a suite of proven methodologies (e.g. Regrarians®, Permaculture, Keyline™, Soil Food Web, Syntropy etc).
This service is focused on regenerating land function and maximising resilience through the optimisation of appropriate land use patterns. Weaving together science and best practice from around the world, this service is ideal for people looking to set up or diversify their land use and enterprises for increased resilience to stress (climate, drought etc) through optimising their economic and ecological diversity.
Our comprehensive design service incorporates key site characteristics (climate, geography, water, access, forestry, soils etc), with recognition that every landscape and operation is unique - so is informed by each individual’s specific context and tailored to address each unique set of goals.
Analysis of existing landscape identifies both challenges and opportunities, allowing for the proposal of appropriate land use patterns and placement of key elements (dams, roads, vegetation etc) for that specific place and context.
Project scope is also fully customisable to ensure the service is appropriate and accessible to a variety of budgets and scales - from agricultural to private and commercial land owners.
Advisory Support
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This advisory service is provided to clients wishing to forge a path towards highly diverse, integrated mixed land use systems.
Highly contextual and tailored to each client’s situation and goals, the advice and coaching process focuses around connecting people with the most appropriate agroecological science and best practice from around the world.
Whether integrating grazing with tree cropping agroforestry, pastured poultry or pigs with perennial silvopasture systems (or some other combination of activities) the core of this service is always to support clients in navigating the process of optimising both the diversity and resilience of their land use system for maximum ecological and economic health.
This support runs through strategy, planning, implementation and ongoing management of these systems over time, problem-solving and innovating towards productivity and permanence.
This service includes full support for transition to regenerative grazing (if required).
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Action Ecology works in partnership with Soil Connection to deliver world-class advice for farmers looking to transition to regenerative grazing, pasture and soil management.
We help our clients create nutritious plant and animal proteins through building healthy ecological farming systems that are as economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable as possible.
We do this using a practical system for regenerating the soil’s natural biological function, building living carbon, improving water retention and maintaining high-performing, highly-diverse perennial pastures - focusing on 5 key areas: plant & soil assessment, restoring biological function, diverse pasture establishment, animal health & nutrition and system cycling.
We are committed to helping our clients implement this system through personal one-on-one coaching, putting their best interests first as we support them through the most appropriate and effective management changes.
Ecological consultancy
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This service is ideal for people looking for a pre-purchase property assessment as well as current owners considering a change in land use.
Fast turnarounds with tailored scope and level of detail ensures that this service is customised to each client and their specific needs - whether that be agricultural productivity or homesteading and self-sufficiency.
The kind of elements you might expect to find covered in a typical report (depending on the brief provided) include: climate (micro/macro), landscape features of note, visual soil assessment, resource profile (water / energy etc), structures, access, trees & vegetation, productive potential, ecological factors, risk/hazard assessment (fire/flood etc), annoyances / concerns etc.
The output is usually a written report providing a thorough, bespoke analysis of the site matched to the client’s scope, budget and timeline.


In addition to the main services listed above, Action Ecology also provides advice to organisations, government and individuals on a range of matters relating to agroecology, regenerative agriculture as well as productive landscape planning, design and assessment.

If what you require isn't directly mentioned above, feel free to get in touch and we can quickly let you know if we'll be able to help, (and if not, maybe put you in touch with someone who can).

While we are based in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand, we have worked with clients from all over the globe, and are happy to lead or contribute to projects internationally.
What our clients have said about us:

“Action Ecology conducted a comprehensive design consultation for us that exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Shane listened carefully and prepared a well thought through design that was specifically catered to what we needed. The final design was nothing short of excellent and I would happily recommend his services to others.” - Michelle

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