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Productive landscape design and management plans drawing on a suite of proven methods and strategies from such approaches as Permaculture, Soil Food Web, Keyline and Holistic Management.

Our comprehensive design service works
with you not at you, to ensure that the end result is something that's truly relevant to your unique context and provides you with not only a design but a clear plan forwards to reach your goals - no matter the scale or intended use.

Wether you are a large scale land owner looking to maximise efficiency while regenerating the land and restoring ecological function to reduce inputs in an agricultural enterprise - or you're a private landowner looking to be more self-sufficient and produce nutrient-rich and healthy produce through integrated, cleverly-designed food forestry, edible landscaping and no-till garden systems - we can help.

Holistic property design that takes into account water, soil and resource cycling can reduce waste, energy use and input costs Get in touch to speak to us about building increased resilience and healthier, diverse production at all scales.

We can also advise you before you acquire that prospective farm or homestead property with our pre-purchase property inspection service.